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Prince Rupi Prinz Rupi Ruprecht Frieling

Ruprecht Frieling aka Prinz Rupi


I am Ruprecht Frieling and I can look back on more than half a century as a photographer, journalist and author. During this time, I have told my own stories and written around 50 books, as well as building a successful publishing house that has given a voice to more than 10,000 authors.

My passion and tenacity earned me the title of »Der Bücherprinz« (»The Book Prince«) – an honour that is also the title of my highly acclaimed life story.

After my official career, I reinvented myself – as »Prinz Rupi«.

Prinz Rupi is my colourful, cheerful alter ego, who blossoms in TV, stage and radio shows. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), I bring the images from my head into reality and present them alongside my books in exhibitions.

The transition from Prince of Books to Prince Rupi was like the transformation of a butterfly for me – a journey of self-discovery and creativity. With every new idea and every new project, I reinvent myself a little.

Immerse yourself in my colourful world and be inspired by my vision! My home port offers articles, columns, interviews, reports, reviews, films, pictures, photographs and radio features that provide reading and listening pleasure for free.

Prinz Rupi (also known as Ruprecht Frieling)

Sometimes I write electronic newsletters that you can order free of charge:

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